Lectures of the 8.th Postgraduate Course in Endocrine Surgery (IAES)
September 20th-23th, 2006 in Crete, Greece
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We are not to be held responsible for any contents of individual lectures published here upon agreement of the speakers (PG/AS).

Orlo Clark : Oncogenes, Growth Factors & Environment (1.6 MB)
Peter Goretzki: Technical assistance to improve security in thyroid surgery (8.6 MB)
Bertil Hamberger: Surgical treatment of Graves' Hyperthyroidism (1.9 MB)
Janice Pasieka: Workup of the thyroid nodule (1.2 MB)
Orlo Clark: Persistent medullary thyroid cancer (1.5 MB)
Leigh Delbridge: PTC and lymph node dissection: when, how extensive, technical pitfalls (3.4 MB)
Chung Yau Lo: Anaplastic and other locally advanced thyroid carcinoma (4.1 MB)
Bruno Niederle: Medullary thyroid cancer (5.2 MB)
Quan-Yang Duh: Thyroid cancer & rhTSH: when and how ? (1.4 MB)
Orlo Clark: Open thyroidectomy (1.1 MB)
Gerard Doherty: Recurrent laryngeal nerve injury and thyroid & parathyorid surgery (0.5 MB)
J.F. Henry: Endoscopic thyroidectomy (1.0 MB)
Allan Siperstein: Thyroid ultrasound for the endocrine surgeon (1.4 MB)

Leigh Delbridge: Localizing studies for primary HPT (3.5 MB)
Bruno Niederle: Persistent / recurrent primary HPT (3.6 MB)
Quan-Yang Duh: Current investigation for primary HPT (0.6 MB)
G. Tolis: GEP-NET: CNS manifestations of primary HPT (0.5 MB)
J.F. Henry: Endoscopic parathyroidectomy (2.6 MB)
Peter Goretzki: Minimal invasive open parathyroidectomy (1.2 MB)
Barney Harrison: Renal hyperparathyroidism (2.8 MB)
Janice Pasieka: Intra-operative PTH (1.8 MB)

G.P. Chrousos: Cushing's syndrome (4.1 MB)
Leigh Delbridge: Virilizing and feminizing tumors (2.6 MB)
Gerard Doherty: Adrenal carcinoma (1.0 MB)
Dimitrios Linos: The management of incidentaloma (0.3 MB)
Janice Pasieka: Conn's syndrome (1.5 MB)
Bertil Hamberger: Sporadic pheochromocytoma (1.0 MB)
Bertil Hamberger: Hereditary pheochromocytoma (0.2 MB)
J.F. Henry: Controversial indications for laparoscopic adrenalectomy (0.6 MB)

George Kontogeorgos: Origin and classification of gastroenteropancreatic n.e.t. (3.6 MB)
Dimitrios Linos: Different modalities for the treatment of GEP tumors (0.4 MB)
Kalliopi Pazaitou-Panayiotu: Somatostatin analogs in the treatment of GEP tumors (0.5 MB)
G. Tolis: GEP-NET: Acromegaly (1.8 MB)
Gerard Doherty: Management of gastrinoma (1.1 MB)
Peter Goretzki: Pancreatic hyperinsulinism   (1.6 MB)
Peter Goretzki: Surgery in GEP tumors (0.3 MB)
Barney Harrison: MEN-1 GEP tumors (0.7 MB)
Gregory Kaltsas: Diagnostic algorhythm and guidelines for GEP tumors 2006 (1.1 MB)
Andrew Warshaw: Surgery for pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors   (11.0 MB)